Ronda Wicks Eller

"Let none other take apart

the soul that lives and breathes the heart" 

~ Ronda Eller, "Sister-Brother-Sisterhood", Whale Songs in the Aurora Borealis, 2005

"Through pleasure and pain we love - we sigh."

~ Ronda Wicks Eller, "Spectre", Hoofprints On The Moon, 2019

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Described as a "modern formalist" poet, Ronda writes in a variety of styles to suit the mood of the topic she is wrestling into shape. She enjoys experimenting in new and more traditional formats equally. Early poems are published only under the pen name Eller, haiku under her haijin name "kinshu ori", which means "little pen". With more recent recognition of her art renderings under Wicks, she's been using both surnames in publications since 2016. Ronda owns and operates a small poetry micro-press called SkyWing Press where she does everything including feed the dogs, water the plants and make the beds. It started up in 2007 and was paused in 2009 for personal reasons. 2019 was a big "push" year to get it running again and start earning its old descriptor "Poetry in Flight" again!

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71 Canadian poets were translated into Bengali in 2016 by translator Parvez Chowdhury. Bengali readers have gradually become more interested in Canadian poetry and 71 is significant in Bangladesh where it is connected with 1971, the year it gained its independence. The poets are:

Donna Allard

Jeanette Armstrong

Margaret Atwood

Margaret Avison

Jill Battson

Julie Berry

Linda Besner

Bill Bissett

Joe Blades

Yvone Blomer

Marianne Bluger

Roo Borson

George Bowering

John Bruce

Brian Campbell

Colin Carberry

Ann Carson

Terry Ann Carter

Ayesha Chatterjee

Peter Christenson

George Elliott Clarke

Leonard Cohen

Pat Connors

James Deahl

John Donlan

Louis Dudek

Sonja Dunn

Ronda Wicks Eller

Kate Marshall Flaherty

Jennifer Footman

Patrick Friesen

Edward Gates

Gary Geddes

Susan Glickman

Catherine Graham

Richard Greene

Jane Eaton Hamilton

Elizabeth Harvor

Steven Heighton

Brian Henderson

Jan Horner

Laurence Hutchman

Gary Hyland

Candice James

Sophia Kaszuba

Lionel Kearns

Lenore Keeshig-Tobias

Wayne Keon

Kateri Lanthier

Dennis Lee

John B. Lee

Randy Lundi

Laura Lush

Alice Major

Bruce Meyer

Anne Michaels

Stephen Morrissey

John Oughton

Molly Peacock

Jim Potrais

Robert Priest

Duke Redbird

Karen Shenfield

Sandy Shreve

Goran Simic

Anne Simpson

Carolyn Smart

Susan Stenson

Linda Rogers vanKrugel

Halli Villegas

Anna Yin

Liz Zetlin

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