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Sample Poems

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published in "The Lion and the Golden Calf", SkyWing Press, 2008


In shades we shape and shift 'though light flows 'round,

not knowing where we'll be, who we'll become;

some greet the sky, some bend t'ward the ground -

believe each quest to be the final one

but gyres twist and turn, then call us back,

bare clothes reworked, made new with threads of gold

brought through the gap, pulled from that spindled track

through bleary infant eyes - soon to grow old.


Darwin sculpted apish evolution,

Heraclitus taught that our souls self-unfold,

Jung claimed that ego forms in revolution

as trait meets situation, is unfurled.

These schools of thought were taught to me in childhood

when I cared not to think of soul's deep measure

but search, instead, for faeries in the deep woods

and dream the dreams all youngsters dream with pleasure.


In shades we shift 'though light comes flowing 'round

and chase our scarecrow days through vast life-fields,

slipped forward on a gyre that makes no sound

when, in hindsight then, we see our dance revealed

but even then the characters keep changing

and music agilmente ends up as largo,

the crescendos rise and fall, keep rearranging

the dancer and the dance - so on we go...

~ Ronda Wicks Eller

'The Henge's Kiss' was first published in "The Lion and the Golden Calf" in 2008

"No Defence" is an example of the sonneteer exercise called Fifth Lines, in which sonnets are connected as a chain, each one beginning with the fifth line of the one preceding it. It can be quite a challenge but also a lot of fun after you get the hang of it.

Ronda reads a Chaucer styled English Madrigal called "Silent Flight"  (copyright 2010)


published in The Lion and the Golden Calf, SkyWing Press, 2008


Sad soul that breaks upon the rocks of time

and longs for rest in arms along the shore

where uttering lips may speak of nothing more

arrested in the breach, so left behind.


May you, in places time can’t comprehend

see your heart’s desire to make its peace;

‘though all the glittery starlight there must cease

and all ambitions must give up their hand.


No lover there to want, no pain to hold,

for lovers all are blended in the tide—

a perfect state of mind fulfilled inside

the banking of a spirit bright and bold.


No currency for entrance at the pass

or labouring soul achievements to remit

for, bound in time, their measures don’t submit

to any law such perfect union has.


Oh soul that drifts through moods on open sea

and harbours all it hopes in undertow,

may you and I surrender all we know

in placid bays that time cannot conceive.

~ Ronda Wicks Eller




published in The Lion and the Golden Calf, SkyWing Press, 2008


The ink washes down, pooling

by the freshly dug grave

and I, in my quest for closure,

hold the shovel ready

to dig deeper— not to study

dirt, dust or the ashes that made me

but to know the comfort being sewn

into a bed like the one where I

will eventually lie. My pen

must know how to write for the future,

to cleanse itself with the salty eye-stream

of mourning, turn up the nitric sod

that contrives decomposition

until it mulches into fertile loam

that will feed my soul

through the coming slumber

and sprout fresh lilies

by the pool.

~ by Ronda Wicks Eller

By a long shot, this video is the most popular on Ronda's YouTube channel? Why? It's a good question - you decide.

Ronda reads her chapbook 'My Harmonic Perfection', published 1995 by HMS Press, London (14 min)

There are more videos on Ronda's Youtube channel... it often gets overlooked but if you know that in advance...

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