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These are: The Lion and the Golden Calf, 2008; Whale Songs in the Aurora Borealis, 2004; My Harmonic Perfection, 1994.

AVAILABLE NOW! April 2023 

SALMAGUNDI - an omnium gatherum by Ronda Wicks Eller
ISBN: 978-1-926495-9-03  Poetry Friendly Press, Toronto

"SALMAGUNDI is in the house! It is a 252 page compendium of 147 poems from previous books, of which three are out of print and two have limited access + 52 poems that have been published singly or not at all. It also includes all the reviews from previous books - a very desirable collection for anyone who missed those precious, earlier publications.

Canadian residents can
e-transfer $26 CAD (shipping included) to rondawicks@hotmail.comDON'T FORGET TO PROVIDE A POSTAL ADDRESS and indicate if you want your copy autographed.

International orders are also possible. Please email with your city/town and country of residence so accurate shipping fees can be calculated.

SALMAGUNDI: A Poetic Feast

Salmagundi - an omnium gatherum by Ronda Wicks Eller

Poetry Friendly Press, 2023, 242 pp  ISBN  978-1-926495-90-3                                               

    A review by David Stones, Stratford, Ontario poet, performer and spoken word artist


Salmagundi, the sprawling compendium of Canadian poet Ronda Wicks Eller’s works over the past 40 years, is an aptly titled buffet of poetic forms, varied but obliquely entwined themes, shifting rhythms and a veritable alphabet soup of rhyme schemes. Divided into eight sections of poems by book titles and chronological sequence, we witness through her writing the maturing and artistic development of this fine poet, as Wicks Eller grapples with the mysteries of love, regret, fulfillment and everything in between. Along the way, Wicks Eller conjures the likes of Shelley, Keats, Byron, Whitman, and yes, even The Bard himself

          “I would divorce my fleshy tongue

          to speak your name just once

          and gladly sever my carnal ears”

while openly adoring and paying poetic homage to William Butler Yeats and Leonard Cohen. This is a remarkable journey, a salmagundi feast of poetic delights, helmed by a perceptive and polished wordsmith.


The early first person, internalized poems of “My Harmonic Perfection,” give way to richer, more nuanced verse in the “Whale Songs In The Aurora Borealis” section, where the ghosts of the great romantic poets freight the words and Jupiter, Pan, Juno, The Trickster and the mythical Greystone dance between the lines. These are poems of enchanted lands, of kings and princes, knaves and maidens

          “of the entranced castle’s speaking

          syllabic things entwined though not yet bred.”

Yet Wicks Eller here and throughout never loses track of her own heartstrings, as she returns to a first person lament in the beautiful reflection “Shadow Of A Last Known Course,” where the poet tells us how

          “Inside a hindsight harbour I have learned

          love’s bones float home

          like driftwood once tide’s turned.”


And while the poet explores haiku and senryu poetry forms with the “Field” poems, and provides a diversified tapestry of themes and stylings in the concluding “Poems Old And New” section, Wicks Eller hits her high point in the selections from her 2019 “Hoofprints On The Moon.” The poems slow here, open like flowers to show us their dazzling petals, fully accessible and open to our emotional engagement. These pieces embrace many Cohenesque touches, including Leonard’s familiar ABCB rhyme scheme and powerfully direct word choice:

          “Who offered you my temple?

          Who offered you my hand

          and the right to claim my body

          as your private promised land?

Other poems capitalize on and are clearly inspired by Cohen’s key albums of the day, as in “Come Healing II” and “We Travel Light.” Many of these poems rue what Wicks Eller once had or longed for at the time, particularly in matters of the heart:

          “Your lips never dared to kiss me

          you filthy naked refugee.

          Your eyes never swam my sea—

          no lover ever loved so much of me.”


Salmagundi is not an easy book to review, as each poetry section claims a distinct identity in its own right. But as with any wonderfully orchestrated buffet spread, the whole here is greater than the sum of its parts. Collectively, Wicks Eller’s lifetime selection of poems works beautifully, anointing the reader with a wide swath of poetic styles, varied structure, and finely honed attention to cadence and meter. But, as our dear Leonard would say, when it all comes down to dust, it’s the words that count. And here Wicks Eller shows her sparkle, pinning her heart to every line and reminding us once again that

          “When we pry ourselves out and onto the page

          we bleed through our fingers and into the pen.”




SALMAGUNDI: Here Is The Day We Came Here For

Salmagundi - an omnium gatherum by Ronda Wicks Eller

Poetry Friendly Press, 2023, 242 pp  ISBN  978-1-926495-90-3                                                

          A review by John B. Lee, author, poet, editor, Poet Laureate of Brantford, ON in perpetuity and of Norfok County 2010 - 2014,     

          with around 100 publications & chapbooks et al. Recipent of over 60 international awards.


I love learning new words. So, when I first received Ronda Wicks Eller’s 242 page magnum opus, an eight part collection of her poetry, representing her work from 1994 through to 2022, including an appendix with fourteen pages of reviews of her work along with two pages of acknowledgements, the very first thing I did before cracking the cover involved researching the meaning of her title and her subtitle. Although she provides a helpful definition of the word salmagundi’s culinary denotation on the back cover, and although she places the mischief of the image of a fork on the front, rather than being a salad plate of chopped meats, anchovies, eggs, and vegetables, there are synonyms that more satisfactorily describe this collection. The French word from which the title is derived, the word “salmigondis’ means a disparate assembly of things, ideas, forming a whole, and the phrase “omnium gatherum” affirms this meaning in that it translates as “a miscellaneous collection”.

Doing just a bare minimum of inference, this book covers the career of a poet whose first poems, included here, were published when she was a mere nineteen years of age. Born in 1965, this book represents a span of thirty-eight years in a very productive poet’s career. In addition to the evolution of themes one might expect from a poet as she matures, there is also a great variety of forms and styles ranging from relatively conventional rhyming quatrains of the early work, and culminating in the long line two-page poems in the closing section of the book. Each of the eight sections of the book in addition to being clustered around a theme, is often also representative of a literary genre she is engaging in.

In Section Seven “Ashram of Love” (Sufi poetry), she echoes the Song of Solomon by using the easily recognized stock descriptive phrase “My Beloved …” Here’s Eller:

          “My Beloved,

          I look for You in shadows

          with eyes that register best in light.

          In the dark of night I feel

          Your presence there

          with mine.”

And here is one verse from Solomon’s Song II, xvi, “My beloved is mine, and I am his: he feedeth among the lilies.” It is impossible not to notice the homage, the echo, the parallel, especially in her explanation of "Beloved – God in His Loving aspect/ beloved -another significant person/ Beloved Burning – purification process of the Soul". And when some Biblical scholars in their exegesis suggest that Solomon’s Song is a metaphor for religious devotion, it is not impossible to see the parallels here between Eller and the poet of the Bible.

In one of my favourite sections of the book, Section Six: field haiku and senryu, I found myself giggling at the naughty more scatological and playful haiku.  After reading these, I was drawn to revisit the author photograph on the back cover where Ronda Wicks Eller seems to be laughing and having the time of her life.

There are dark moments, especially in the final section of the collection Section Eight: poems new and old, wherein she pays homage to poets she admires like William Butler Yeats, and more frequently Leonard Cohen. Cohen’s phrase “you want it darker,” which she quotes comes to mind here. In a very moving poem “Her Little Suitcases" her protagonist thankfully triumphs as she writes in the closing lines

          “She was not a victim of abuse

          but a survivor!”

She is writing very poignant and topical verse here, some of it coming right out of the pages of the pandemic where she coins the phrase “Covidian breeze” to give gravitas to this chilling indictment of

          “the blamers blaming both flanks

          like wild dogs scavenging after

          the last ounce of dripping meat

          grappling for the right to point a finger

          instead of raising

          a torch.”

Eller takes on the deep state accusations of the crowd, and then like Cohen she celebrates the light, as in her poem “Here is the Light” she repeats a variation on one of Cohen’s most oft quoted phrases “where the light gets in”. And who would not celebrate a poet who writes, as she does in this poem:

          "Here is the day we came for,

          our sweet love made down to the core,

          here is the night and the sign on the door

          heralding peace while declaring war

                    where the light gets in."

In the journey, reading this book, this reader is brought full circle, not only because the poet returns to the rhyming quatrains of her earliest work, but more importantly because she brings maturity to bear on the deepening of understanding that tempers the language as we age.

January 29, 2020

Ronda, Your poems are delightful. I began picking out favourite snippets but there were so many that I stopped halfway through. Your use, in "field", of humour, anthropomorphism, and juxtaposition of proportion / scale represents a thorough comprehension of the Japanese style. I look forward to reading the rest!   Sincerely, Brendan C. aka "Avatar X"

January 31, 2020
Thank you Ronda Wicks Eller for sending me these great books of poetry to read. I'm so enjoying your witty Haikus.

Your poetic voice is always a pleasure to hear, as your voice comes through in all of your work!
Filomena Pisano

April 5, 2020

     A self-described “modern formalist poet” Ronda Wicks Eller has published her first collection of Japanese poetry—haiku, senryu and haikai (a sequence of haiku, senryu or both). The chapbook consists of 80 individual haiku and senryu (numbered making each one easy to refer to) as well as six haikai which include another 52 haiku/senryu.

     Overall, the collection is a delight to read whether one is a fan of the haiku and its relatives or not. Eller is careful to follow the conventions while at the same time contravening them if necessary, for example, she eschews 17 syllables and the 5-7-5 format whenever something else works better.

     Most of the poems brim with authenticity. Some are set in nature; others in social and political contexts. To put things into the vernacular of baseball—a Japanese passion—here are some of the poems that hit home runs.

2.                                                         7.                                                         13.                                               
seamless rural view,                           feathery willows                                 black on blue                             
a pale blue-veiled horizon—             shield spring nests—                         crows mottle the horizon—       
calm fertile woman                           the cradle gently rocks                       a bruised thigh                           



Eller also has a nice touch with humour—something that is too often missing in haiku and senryu collections...
Ronda Wicks Eller has made an impressive debut.

- George Swede, Canadian author, poet and more -  Website , Wikipedia

Spring 2020 Review in Frogpond

published by HSA (Haiku Society of America)  Vol. 3:2 Spring/Summer 2020 

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Field is the first published collection of Japanese haiku and senryu written by "kinshu ori" (Ronda Wicks Eller), although several have been printed singly in various journals and anthologies such as 'Canadian Zen Haiku Canadienne' in previous years.

Taking its cue to start, the poems begin in spring and gradually slide through the other three seasons with an ease that's bound to take many readers unaware. Afterward, moves into experimental spiritual haiku and, sure to leave a chuckle, deposits some mildly ribald bathroom senryu. Primarily holding to the proscribed 5-7-5 line metering, kinshu ori playfully and boldly shifts metrics in the discreet way that only a haijin can. As Basho once declared, a haijin must first prove their ability to write within structure before being allowed to bend the rules!

105 haiku & senryu + 4 haikai

Published January 10, 2020 by HMS Press London, Ontario.

ISBN 978-1-55253-083-2

To order directly from Ronda, please use the Paypal link beneath the book image or contact her directly for alternate payment methods.


Ronda does not ship internationally but HMS Press does. You may order from them by clicking on the book image (it will take you to the HMS Press website).

                                 $8.00 + $3.00 S & H (CAD)


seamless rural view

a pale blue veiled horizon

calm, fertile woman

                        ~ kinshu ori

in remote marshland

frog ventriloquists hide

the reeds talk to me

                        ~ kinshu ori

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110 pages on acid-free white paper - 71 poems, 31 sketches and a play ; perfect bound glossy 6" x 9", colour soft cover

This book is replete with Ronda's handiwork. It is dedicated to the memory of Leonard Cohen, whose writing she dances with or replies to in many of the poems included, and to her mother, who passed away in September 2018. Her recent poems are intermingled with unpublished ones, with some dating back to 1984. Formalist, lyrical and free verse demonstrate Ronda's flexibility of writing style, making this book comprehensible for all reading levels. It's a very inclusive and intimate 110 page soft cover trade offering you won't want to miss!  ISBN-13: 987-0-9809335-8-1  SkyWing Press

Inside Canada - $25 CAD + $5.00 S&H - Simply use the purchase link below book image

International Orders - please purchase through LULU.COM for more localized printing and shipment. Lulu has print locations in the following countries: Canada, Australia, UK, Ireland, USA, The Netherlands, Holland, France, Spain, Italy and Switzerland.


I don't need to decode your cries

for justice, peace and virtue,

for broken love made wholesome love,

I know the nights you wept through.

I knew them well before you wrote

your Epilogue, your Old News,

the arching Bridge, the Motherland --

what was true... but only half-true.

I don't need to decode your cries

masked by clever compositions;

separate hearts all bleed the same

inside The Great Condition.

                         ~ Ronda Wicks Eller


"I just finished reading the best manuscript I've seen in over a decade. Hats off to Ronda Wicks Eller!"

- Donna Allard, International Beat Poet Laureate at National Beat Poetry Foundation, New Hartford, Connecticut, USA


"The poems in 'Hoofprints On The Moon' are testimony to the inquiring heart of Ronda Wicks Eller.  These are poems born from a life deep-lived and wisdom, hard earned.  Eller is a courageous poet, unwilling to confine herself, in style or subject, and her poems fearlessly chart the loss of loved ones, the longing for intimacy, and the hope for redemption. Centuries swirl together in Eller’s poetic landscape, myths walk beside old lovers and geography is fluid, lending a delightful timelessness to her work and allowing the reader to truly ‘feel’ the poems. What remains constant is her emotional stance, each poem emerging from a place of strength even when tinged with rage or regret. Whether admonishing a former lover, riffing on faith or reflecting on the state of our world, her words ring with passion and fortitude. In “Reproach” she deftly conjures the agony of being more used than loved: “Who offered you my temple / to harness at your whim, / to perform your drunken ritual / and embalm me from within?” And in “Come Healing II” she harmoniously extends Cohen’s prayer through one of her own:  “Oh undivided Love, / undivided Faith / come healing of the spirit / in every blessed way. / Come healing of the spirit / that bids each nation rise, / come healing of the sorrow / dripping from each love-torn eye. 'Hoofprints On The Moon' is poetry to be read, re-read, savoured and shared."

~ Ian French (IF the Poet), Canadian Individual Slam Poetry Champion 2014

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This 72 pg. trade paperback is a collaborative poetic dance between poets Ronda Wicks Eller, Daniel Kolos and Filomena Pisano. The collection pulls mythological and religious concepts from various cultures and dares to consider them with more contemporary points of view.

Following "the dance", Ronda's 17 poem-prose suite titled "The Poet, Prophet and the Priestess" (an epic journey and chapbook in its own right) leaves the reader with some final and unexpected muses!

Available in Canada Only for $12 + S&H CAD



"An eye-brow raising lyrical leer at art, history, myth, legend and proscribed staid scripture. Quite an erotic romp with an intellectual flair for the philosophies of yore still embering our lives."

Katherine L. Gordon, poet, publisher, reviewer

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is a 36 page soft cover, perfect bound, trade book of elegantly presented Sufi (Rumi) styled poems written during moments of meditation and devotion. 

These poems to "My Beloved", the great Creator personified, are inspiring nuggets that make for a gratifying and fulfilling read.

Inside Canada - $15.00 CAD  + $5 S&H - Simply use the purchase link below book image to purchase from River Bones Press directly.

International Orders - please purchase for the exchange rate equivalent to $15.00 CAD + S&H through LULU.COM for more localized printing and shipment.


This little gem makes an awesome gift for yourself or a special someone and is money well-spent!

ISBN: 978-0-9738671-8-3

River Bones Press, Richibucto, NB, Canada

Ronda also has a few copies in hand. Use the contact link at the top of the page to email about purchasing directly.


My Beloved draws near to me

with a brush in His hand

and paints my soul in vivid hues.

He gives me a purpose

on the canvas' weave

for all to see,

for all to know the vibrant Love

He bestows on me

through every meticulous stroke

while I, for love of His touch,

cling to the easel.

                     ~ Ronda Wicks Eller


Ronda is not listed on Wikipedia by choice although for many years she was recognized there among other Canadian Poets. By her request, the page was removed because of questionable flagging on the page by a volunteer who was head hunting; targeting any page established by another volunteer who will remain nameless. Ronda's profile  happened to be one of a few that got caught in the middle of these two volunteers and their egos.  She is recognized HERE on EVERIPEDIA instead.

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