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  • Ronda Wicks Eller

I Sing, Therefore I Am!

It is the soul’s inclination to sing regardless of circumstance!!!

Not true?

Name a faith that doesn't worship through song or chant, a military unit that doesn't have soldiering songs, a country without a national anthem, et al. Who has never had a song transport their thoughts back to an earlier time when their spirit absorbed the essence of a song and gave it a vital role in triggering a significant event for them? For me, one strange association is Kim Mitchell's song "Patio Lanterns" that, whenever heard, reminds me of when I was about 20 yrs. old and spending time at a local windsurfing club and one specific night in a local roadhouse when I danced with it. "You Belong to the City" (Glenn Frey) reminds me of listening to it on the radio while babysitting into the wee hours of the morning during days when I was trying to work out my place and purpose in this world. For a time it became a sort of personal anthem.

Songs are powerful. Sorcerers use them as incantations to bind spells – imposing their intention on a situation or the spirit of another human being either positively or negatively. Whirling dervishes dance and spin themselves into euphoric trance states accompanied by music. The heavenly hosts (angels) are said to sing their praises to the Almighty. Planetary vibrations create their own music that resonates throughout the immediate cosmic neighbourhood and its peripheral spheres. I’m sure there are many more examples that you and I can bring to mind if we considered it a while longer. Music is energy and songs (music with words) focus that energy further.

In a world that seems to be getting more stressful, filled with dissatisfaction and dissension there is an accelerated feeling that some urgent action is needed to create a peaceful, nurturing environment for everyone. We hear people say, “What can I do? I’m only one person,” and we hear others say "We need a revolution, maybe even a violent revolt, to take action and destroy the perpetrators who stifle and work to suppress the progress of humanity as a collective!" The trouble with this is the idea that trading one injury for another injury will create anything good. Wrong for wrong never makes a right. Violence for violence only breeds more violence but the good news is:

There is quite a lot you can do!

Words are thought forms that materialize themselves in the physical world.

Emotions also express themselves using the same metaphysical process.

Music carries both of them to where they are needed and song focuses them!

If you speak, think or feel negatively, you can and will create something negative for the environment to deal with BUT speak, think or feel positively and you can create a positive environment.

Imagine if everyone started singing a positive, happy song either in their head or aloud just as soon as something negative began presenting itself. What chance would such an event have of culminating into anything more than a tiny spark that, finding no oxygen to feed it, simply puffed out and was gone again?

It’s a matter of willpower and habit. Yes, I said “habit”!

We are socialized to believe that when a bad thing happens we are supposed to feel turmoil, doom and gloom, sadness and grief, anguish and insufferable despair or righteous indignation and anger. We've learned to thoughtlessly relegate the person who is always happy to the realm of being a blissful idiot, a no-mind, and an imbecile but hey, wait…

What if, just what if, they are actually spirit warriors? What if their purpose is to emanate hope and goodness despite the difficulties surrounding them in an effort to neutralize what everyone else is so heavily caught up in?

I’d love to propose a challenge for the first week of a August (only two days away) and see what happens although my puny little blog won’t circulate far enough without people sharing a link to it. I anticipate some inspirited help (by sharing the post) from everyone who agrees with what I'm saying here!! I propose that every person who reads this entry determines themselves to hum or sing happy, upbeat songs aloud or inside their heads, think positive thoughts and to disregard (refuse to acknowledge) all negative media and personal events when they present themselves for one week (August 1st to 7th). Let's look for outlets to express love, empathy, sympathy and compassion, be helpful and SING, HUM OR WHISTLE HAPPILY instead! WE CAN calm some of the world’s distress by projecting good vibes at every opportunity. There’s a creator and a warrior in every one of us. Music and words (song) and the intention of thought forms ARE our tool kit !! I'm going to do this. Will you join me?

Live, love, laugh and be blessed!

Namaste to ALL,


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